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AAP01 AAP01 Alcheringa (journal Of The Association Of Australasian Palaeontology) Individual Back Issues click to add one AAP01 $28.00 $32.00

AAPBACK AAPBACK Alcheringa Volumes 1-25 (1975 - 2001) - Full Set click to add one AAPBACK $682.40 $768.00

AAPM01 AAPM01 Memoir 1: Dorothy Hill Jubilee Memoir By: J Roberts & Pa Jell (1983) 371pp click to add one AAPM01 $33.00 $40.00

AAPM02 AAPM02 Memoir 2 - Archaeocyatha From Lower Parts Of The Lower Cambrian Carbonate Sequence In South Australin - By: D I Gravestock, (1984) 139pp click to add one AAPM02 $22.00 $25.00

AAPM03 AAPM03 Memoir 3 - Plants And Invertebrates From The Lower Cretaceous Koonwarra Fossil Bed Eds. P A Jell & J Roberts, South Gippsland, Victoria, (1986) 205pp click to add one AAPM03 $33.00 $40.00

AAPM04 AAPM04 Memoir 4 - Studies In Australian Mesozoic Palynology Eds: P A Jell, (1987) 341pp click to add one AAPM04 $55.00 $60.00

AAPM05 AAPM05 Memoir 5 - Palynological And Palaeobotanical Studies In Honour Of Basil E Balme Eds Pa Jell & G Playford (1988) 341pp click to add one AAPM05 $55.00 $60.00

AAPM06 AAPM06 Memoir 6 - Species Stability In Reef Corals Of Papua New Guinea And The Indo Pacific By: Jen Veron & R Kelly (1988) 69pp click to add one AAPM06 $27.50 $30.00

AAPM07 AAPM07 Memoir 7 - Devonian And Carbonierous Fish Studies Ed: P A Jell, (1988) 144pp click to add one AAPM07 $33.00 $35.00

AAPM08 AAPM08 Memoir 8 - Fossil Cnidaria 5 - Proceedings Of The Fifth International Symposium On Fossil Corals Archaeocyathans And Sponges - Eds: P A Jell And J W Pickett, (1989) 438pp click to add one AAPM08 $57.20 $62.00

AAPM09 AAPM09 Memoir 9 - Early Cambrian Fossils From South Australia By: S Bengtson, S Conway Morris, Bj Cooper, Pa Jell & Bn Runnegar (1990) 364pp click to add one AAPM09 $49.50 $55.00

AAPM10 AAPM10 Memoir 10: Devonian And Carboniferous Coral Studies By: G. Webb, J. Jell, Y Changmin & T. Wright (1990) click to add one AAPM10 $38.50 $45.00

AAPM11 AAPM11 Memoir 11 - Australian Ordovician Brachiopod Studies By: J Laurie And I Percival, (1991) 177pp click to add one AAPM11 $33.00 $35.00

AAPM12 AAPM12 Memoir 12 - Late Proterozoic And Cambrian Microfossils And Biostratigraphy Amadeus Basin, Central Australia - By: Zang, Wenlong And M R Walter, (1992) 132pp click to add one AAPM12 $33.00 $35.00

AAPM13 AAPM13 Memoir 13 - Upper Cambrian Biostratigraphy And Trilobite Faunas Of The Cili-taoyuan Area, Northwestern Hunan, China By: Shanchi Peng, (1992) 119pp click to add one AAPM13 $33.00 $35.00

AAPM14 AAPM14 Memoir 14 - Lower Devonian Pelecypoda From Southeastern Australia By Paul A Johnston (1993) 135pp click to add one AAPM14 $33.00 $40.00

AAPM15 AAPM15 Memoir 15 Palaeontological Studies In Honour Of Ken Campbell Edited By P A Jell (1994), 458 Pp click to add one AAPM15 $49.50 $55.00

AAPM16 AAPM16 Memoir 16 - Triassic Bryozoa From The Murihiku And Torlesse Supergroups, New Zealand By: P Schafer And J Grant-mackie, (1994), 52 Pp click to add one AAPM16 $27.50 $28.00

AAPM17 AAPM17 Memoir 17 - Wenlock & Ludlow - Graptolite Faunas And Biostratigraphy Of The Quarry Creek District Nsw By: R B Rickards, G H Packham, A J Wright, And P L Williamson, (1995) 68pp click to add one AAPM17 $27.50 $28.00

AAPM18 AAPM18 Memoir18 - Apc'94 Aust. Palaeontological Papers From The 1st Aust. Pal. Conf. Feb 1994 Edit: P Jell, (1995) 208pp click to add one AAPM18 $33.00 $40.00

AAPM19 AAPM19 Memoir 19 - Permian Productidina And Strophalosiidina From The Sydney-bowen Basin And New England Orogen: Systematics And Biostratigraphic Significance By: D J C Briggs, (1998) 258pp click to add one AAPM19 $46.20 $50.00

AAPM20 AAPM20 Memoir 20 - Lower Devonian Bivalves From The Reefton Group, New Zealand By M A Bradshaw, (1999) 171pp click to add one AAPM20 $38.50 $45.00

AAPM21 AAPM21 Memoir 21 - Llandovery Rugose Corals From The Quinton Formation, Broken River Province Northeast Queensland - By T J Munson And J S Jell, (1999) 65pp click to add one AAPM21 $33.00 $35.00

AAPM22 AAPM22 Memoir 22 - Miocene Foraminifera From Lakes Entrance Oil Shaft, Gippsland, Southeastern Australia By Q Li & B Mcgowran, (2000) 142pp click to add one AAPM22 $44.00 $45.00

AAPM23 AAPM23 Memoir 23 - Palaeobiogeography Of Australasian Faunas And Floras By A J Wright, G C Young, J A Talent And J R Laurie, (2001) 515pp click to add one AAPM23 $81.95 $84.50

AAPM24 AAPM24 Memoir 24 - Studies In Australian Mesozoic Palynology Ii By J R Laurie & C B Foster, (2001) 235pp click to add one AAPM24 $123.20 $128.00

AAPM25 AAPM25 Memoir 25 - Riversleigh Symposium 1998 By S J Hand & J R Laurie, (1998) 154pp click to add one AAPM25 $65.00 $70.00

AAPM26 AAPM26 Memoir 26 - Early Cretaceous (neocomian) Flora And Fauna Lower Strzelecki Group, Gippsland Basin, Victoria By S Mcloughlin, A-m P Tosolini, Ns Nagalingum & An Drinnan (2002) 144pp click to add one AAPM26 $70.00 $72.00

AAPM27 click to view details of AAPM27 Memoir 27 - Palaeo Down Under 2000 - (2002) click to add one AAPM27 $77.00 $80.00

IPC F/G1 IPC F/G1 Cretaceous-cenozoic Floras and Landscapes of Southeastern Australia, Pre-congress Fieldtrip 1 - IPC 2002 click to add one IPC F/G1 $22.00 $28.00

IPC F/G5 IPC F/G5 Palaeozoics of NE Queensland: Broken River Region, Post-5 Field Excursion Guidebook, IPC 2002 click to add one IPC F/G5 $27.50 $30.00

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